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The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast

Episode 1 · 2 months ago

#171 - Dr. Nayan Patel: Glutathione Supplementation Myths, Antioxidants & Detox, Reducing Oxidative Stress, Anti-Aging, Oral Vs.Topical Glutathione, Hormone Replacement, And More!



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10:30 - Dr. Patel's Background

13:50 - What It's Like Being A Pharmacist In The American System

16:30 - What Is Oxidative Stress?

19:30 - Can We See Oxidative Stress In The Body?

20:10 - How Does The Body Combat Oxidative Stress?

22:50 - Why Did We Lose The Ability To Synthesize Vitamin C Endogenously?

24:10 - Glutathione (GSH) Vs Vitamin C As An Antioxidant

27:20 - How Quickly Can Oxidized GSH Recycle?

29:00 - Different Ways To Supplement GSH?

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35:45 - When GSH Is Broken Down Into Amino Acids, Does It Immediately Get Turned Back Into GSH?

36:35 - The 3 Amino Acids That Create GSH

36:50 - Peptide Consumption

41:30 - Does Supplemental GSH Stop Endogenous Production?

45:00 - Alcohol And GSH 

45:45 - The Oxidative Stress Of Exercise

49:20 - Should We Be Taking Antioxidants With Exercise?

50:45 - Stress And Free Radicals

51:40 - GSH Creation Of Water

52:10 - GSH And Toxins

53:30 - Heavy Metals In Vitamins

56:10 - IV Vitamin Therapy

56:50 - Corporate Chains That Offer IV Therapy

58:20 - Asking Your Provider

1:00:10 - How Long Does GSH Last In The System

1:03:05 - Mitigating The Side Effect Of Alcohol

1:05:40 - Our Toxic World

1:08:10 - Organics Vs Conventional Produce

1:10:40 - Animal Protein Creating Inflammation

1:13:40 - Antinutrients In Plants

1:15:30 - Is Meat A Good Substrate For GSH?

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1:24:30 - Pre-Formed GSH

1:26:25 - How Does Auro's GSH Work?

1:26:50 - Storing GSH

1:30:20 - The Smell

1:31:20 - The Half Life Of Auro GSH

1:34:20 - Can Sauna Effect GSH?

1:35:30 - Dosing

1:37:30 - Application

1:38:45 - Why Does GSH Whiten And Brighten Skin?

1:42:30 - Acetyl-Glutathione

1:44:20 - Efficacy Of Application Location With Progesterone

1:48:15 - Suppository Efficacy

1:48:30 - Coffee Enemas

1:49:40 - Testing GSH Levels

1:54:00 - Expectations After Taking GSH

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Vitamin cy at low doses is an antioxidant. Anything more than that, it becomes a prooxident. Is stress good or bad for us? A little stress is always good for human baby, because it makes you more resilient. Stress is not a bad thing. Chronic stress is a bad thing. If I can give you the glue time in the ready to use format, the results should be instantaneous. When you get sunburned, as soon as you're by the glue thile and the pain goes away within seconds. The scrunching all the free radicals that we give. Welcome to the Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast, where we meet the world's top experience to explore the secrets of health, mindset, longevity, and so much more. Are you ready to take charge of your existence and bio hack your life? This show and is really Please keep in mind we're not dispensing atical advice and they're not responsible for any outcomes you may experience from imformenting tactics, mind hearing. Are you ready Let's do this? Welcome back to the Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast. Oh my goodness, friends, today's episode is one that has truly affected my daily life. As in every single day. Ever since reading The glue to Ion Revolution, I have a complete new appreciation of glutoth ione. I already knew it was important, but now I'm just realizing how important it is and how I want to actively work to keep my gluet to thion levels up every single day. And I'm realizing the importance of how you take it, which is basically just this one spray supplemental form. I've been using it every single day. I'm definitely sold on the science of it, and I definitely encourage you guys to look into both supporting your natural glut of ion production through diet in lifestyle as well as supplemental glutoth ione if that's something that speaks to you. And I am so so thrilled to have a discount for you guys. They said they rarely do discounts, so definitely use this. 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Just text Beauty counter to eight seven seven eight six one eight three one eight. That's Beauty counter to eight seven seven eight six one eight three one eight. If you're thinking of making clean Beauty and Safe Skincare a part of your future like I have, it, definitely recommend becoming a band of Beauty member. It's sort of like the Amazon Prime for Clean Beauty. You get tim percent back in product credit, free shipping on qualifying orders, and a welcome gift that is worth way more than the price of the year long membership. It is totally completely worth it, and you can join my Facebook group Clean Beauty and Safe Skincare. People share product reviews and their experiences, and I do a giveaway every single week in that group as well. All right, without further do, please enjoy the show. Hi, friends, Welcome back to the show. I am so incredibly excited about the conversation that I am about to have the backstory about today's conversation. It is about a topic that I personally have been wanting to do a deep dive into. It was literally on my list of topics to have a show about, and that is glutath ion. And when this incredible author his team reached out to me about his book, The Glutathione Revolution, Fight disease, slow aging, and increase energy, I was so excited, and I was also really hopeful that when I read the book that it was going to really deliver on everything that I wanted, which would be, you know, the deepest of deep dives into the science. And it was that, Oh my goodness. Before reading the book, I was pretty much sold on the importance of glutoth ione. But after reading it, I just feel like everybody needs to know about this, So I have so many questions today. He's actually a fellow Trojan. We just realized you...

...both went to USC and he now teaches at USC. I am here. Dr Nayan patel Ks a pharmacist, a health expert, and a thought leader in the industry. And like I said, the author at the Glue of Ion Revolution, So Dr Ptel, thank you so much for being here. Absolutely was my pleasure of being here today. I have just so many questions for you. But to start things off, what is your personal story When you were growing up? Did you anticipate being the glue to Ion guy? What led to that? Did you just have an epiphany one day? I mean, why are you doing what you're doing today with Gluto ion. It's no. I did not grow up being a glue of Iron guy. I grew up as as every kid out there wanted to a male kid, I wanted to be an engineer and being aerospace engineering and and seeing the world from the outer space. That was my That was my childhood dream when I when I was probably six seven years old. Of course that that did not pan out that way, but it started off being a pharmacist in the mid nineties, and that's when it started the revolution of insurance companies dictating what we're going to be having for over health care for fellow Americans. And I saw very early on that this is not the path I want to be in because the insurance company is not going to give us the right option. They're going to give us the cheapest option, and so I will started researching and went into compounding and started researching on my own, trying to figure out better and different ways to to heal the human body other than the medications that we already have today. And so all, as they say, they all road leads to Rome. Everything led to me to Gli thigh on early on, and of course it was the hardest thing to work on. It's been out in the market for decades, you know, multiple decades, and nobody has figured out how to actually deliver to the human body. Forget delivering, then you figure out how to stabilize in the first place. And so I ad a big hill to cross and start off, we've been stabilizing the gloth and then later on delivering how to delimit to the human body. But anyways, my whole focus started early on in my career to focus on that because that I thought was going to help me address a lot of the common issues that we have today. Are any of the astronauts us includeth iron I hope so because it's we all do right, we all travel in this aluminium shoot we call the plane across the world and the aluminium shoots is not made up of lead unfortunately, so it's not blocking any of the cosmic rays. And so when we are flying feet about about the ground, we don't have any layers to protect us from the cosmic rays. So your body is constantly been bombarded with this toxic race that your body has to clean up one day, right, And so I hope that's war As using this product. But if they are not using the are not optimistic glue? They should do, you know, if they've done studies just with like normal planes, people before and after a plane trip, the effect on their antioxidant status. No, I have not heard about that one yet. Sorry, but it just makes sense because we heard we hear all about the oas and layers, and we are going about the layers to go across the world. So in theory it makes sense. But I'm sure there's there most some research out there. Well, okay, so many other questions. One one more question about your personal story, and I hope this isn't a controversial question. But when I hear pharmacists, I don't think I've ever interviewed a pharmacist, by the way, but when I hear the term pharmacist. I get a feeling of the pharmaceutical industry and sort of a lot of the issues that you just spoke about, kind of fighting against what is your experience being a pharmacist. I just feel like you have a different in goal than maybe I don't want to make an assumption, but how do you relate to your colleagues, Like, do you find that the way you're approaching this is typical or is it kind of diverging from the norm. It is absolutely the complete opposite on what everybody else is doing. And when I talk to my fellow pharmacists, my colleagues, it's like the thing, I'm in a different world altogether, because they don't comprehend what I'm trying to achieve. Their focus as disease management, I said, hey, you have a problem, will manage your problem for you, And I'm going the other way. I said, no, you have a problem, let me help you get rid of the problem. And that's a whole different mentality. Managing it is relatively easy in the sense that you have tools to basically stay in in equilibrium or stay stay focused, but when you have to get rid of the problem, it requires an entirely different mindset, and so when I talk to my friends, it's it's really really difficult, and and as might have...

...guests right now, but I have very few friends left because I can't communicate with them. Wow, that's crazy. A personal related question. You do talk in the book about how you found your your perfect partner and creating your line. I just thought that was so cool because I recently partnered up with somebody to create a product, and I just really it can be really magical to find that person who really understands. Are you still working with him? Absolutely? He was at the usc KI School of Medicine in the in the research department with us when I was going to school, and so when I graduate, as I called him up, I said, you've got to join us because we got a lot more work to do. And he was about to retire from the usc I said, retirement, come on, let me retire. Is if you're ready to give in, you know, giving you a lot more to offer. And so I was doing the thinking process. He was doing big, going back in the lab and helping me do all the physical work that requires to develop a product. And then once the product was developed, he thought he was job was done because Hey, here's the product. Now you deal with it. I said, no, that's just half less than half the problem. The other part of the problem is developing into a product that can actually deliver to the human beings and then figure out what the results are going to be and how we're going to use it in the clinical setting. And there's a lot more work done after that. And so now he's still with me, even today's day, We're still here in this building with me. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Okay, So questions about the science of everything going on here, and I'm trying to figure out how to approach the topic. But maybe we can start with just the concept of oxidative stress in the body and free radicals, and so what is happening? What is oxidative stress? Okay, so let me put it this. First of all, is stress good or bad for us? I always believe a little stress is always good for human being because makes you more resilient, and so stress is not bad thing. Chronic stress is a bad thing. It's always when I talk to my patients, and I do see patients every day, so when I talk to my patient, I always give them example, if a dog is chasing you your body is under stress, and it doesn't have no time to think about it. Only the only thing you can do is run. Your people get dilted, so you can see every single thing. Everything is super hyper focused to get rid of the dog that's chasing you. Well in the dog found the bone and left you alone. Are you? Are you? You're able to dodge the dog and you found a place and and the and literally the stress goes away once the dog stopped chasing you. Right, But the dog, you know of her life today is this chronic stress that traffics the pollution, the toxic is in the environment, the chronic burden that we have with financial stress and social stress. And you know now for the last two and a half years, three years, we have this disease stress that we have been an intense amount. All this chronic stress is not good for us. So what what happens is that this this chronic stress is actually increasing oxidation in your body. It's like, if you want to see a visual picture, it's like you're putting a bunch of nails in the water and then instead of taking out and drying the nails, these nails are staying inside the water and you can see the rust happening on the nails right before your eyes. And so chronic stress is actually what's doing inside the body is rusting your body from inside and you can do in multiple different ways. What is the major sources the oxidation because we breathe every single day. Oxygen is a lifeline for us. But you have to get rid of all the remaining oxygen and that's why the lungs it comes in very handy to make sure that you're breathing correctly and then oxygen gets used, that the carbonizing gets gets expelled and any the oxiden that's left over. Oxygen is a reactive species. It's we call it reactive oxyd oxidative species r o s, and those species in the in your body can cause hay walk and that's what we're trying to avoid. And when at the end, the end thing, when all the oxidative stress, all the oxidative species increases in your body, you can loosely turns oxidive stress, but what it's really doing is that it's affecting your organs and your ability to function normally. Does that oxidative stress You spoke about the rust, like, could we see it if we looked inside. What it literally looked like rust. If you see one thing is what you do see is you do see those spots. Now you do see on your skin the eight spots, right, that's your body is eventually rusting up and coming up on the surface. Right, And so you do eight spots. We call them eight spots, we call them liver spots. And those are the physical science, those are the oxidized species at are actually surfacing on your... The same thing can can also be inside your bodies. And yes, you can see those rust inside your body. And so how does the body mitigate that damage? What is the role of free radicals, and what's the role of antioxidants, and in particular exogenous versus endogenous. Yeah, so this is this This is a great question because people always think about we want to solve a problem with exogenous supplementation. So everything that we do, Oh, if we have oxyden species of let's bring some orangeis takes envitamin C, takes vitamin E and so and so forth, coins and cute and there's so many different products out there to help you to reduce the oxydens stress or reduce the oxidations or or in the other terms, that you take a bunch of antioxidants to help reduce oxidation. So that's all exogenous sources is much your body produces endogenously glue thion to deal with the same problem. Right, The only thing that you need is all the substrate it requires to produce the glue ion. I e. That three different amino acids glutamine, glycd and cystein, two enzymes and a catalyst like selenium to have this reaction. Happened to produce glue thon, and that's the endogenous source of of of antioxidine. That's the body produces to help with the excess oxygen species that we get from outside sources. Xcio sources are good, but there are always limitations. So to further clarify there, So gluto ione on the one hand, and then antiaxidents that we think of like vitamin C vitamine, all these quote vitamins for both of those two categories, can both of them be endogenous and exogenous? Body does not produce vitamin C at all, so it can only be from exogenous sources. What about the other ones like vitamin E and cocute ten and things like that. So what iamin e is is extracted from the diet of eats, so that's also exogenous sources. The cocute ten is found interest sedularly, so that is that is probably getting produced inside the humans. But keep in mind you cannot take exogenous source of cocute ten and get into interscellular levels. Same thing with the glue of ione. You cannot take glue of thide from outside and getting to interest your levels until now. So that was that's that's the technology that we have created. But all this for for the last hundred of years. We have the glue of thion. We have the exodu source of all these nutrients, but it cannot penetrate interest seedularly. Why do you think we lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C as a species? Yeah, that's I mean humans are not used to why I've been see like other mammals do. Right, Why do you think we don't have that ability? I have Again, this is an assumption for me because I did not know the real answer for that. I'm assuming that our body is produced abundantly glue THI I mean, we have second most molecular body next to water, is glue with ion. There's no need for us to have what I've been seen there when you have so much blue that that we can have in no body. I read that in your book about being the second most abundant next to water, and so I don't know the total amount of molecules total in the body, so it's hard for me to get a picture of what that even looks like. Like, I mean, does that mean we're just saturated and glueo ion or just compared to all the other molecules, it's the second most abundant. Yeah, it's just comparatively compared to every single thing out there that is the most up molecule in your body. And that has to do with how much our needs are. Our needs for gluothon is far more than just the antioxidant effect. So if we have some oxidative stress and free radicals, what is the difference in how something that people would think about like vitamin C mitigating that or neutralizing that free radical compared to glutoth ione, Like how do they compare? Okay, So this is this is my theory. At this point, I don't have something to back it up yet. I do have some some ancdotal work that I can present to you. One thing is vitamin C. If you look at all the literature, they will tell you vitamin C at low doses that means about ten grams or less per day, is an antioxidant. Anything more than that it becomes a prooxidant. Chemically, I cannot believe the vitamin C has a redox properties that at low doses in the body has an antioxidant effects, and high doses it becomes a prooxidant effect. That's why they use vitamin C I v drips at high doses to treat patients with cancer.

And so the hydros vitamin C is a prooxidant. And so this is my theory, and I think I can back it up pretty well. Is that a low oxidants. What's viamin c actually doing is it's reviving oxidized gluothide inside your body. So G s H is the abbreviation of gluoth ion G s H. When it gets oxidized, becomes GS molecule. The two GS molecules comes together and make and make becomes G S S G molecule. G S s G molecule is oxidized gluouthide is stable and it revolves in your body and you can easily measure that in your blood with a simple blood test, so that that part is easy to measure. But this G S S G molecule can again revive itself and become G S H again by accepting electrons from vitamin C. And so so we assuming, and I think I can make a pretty dawn good case that at low doses this vitamin C is actually what he's doing is giving the energy back to the glue with ion and it's reviving itself. It's those uh, when I play video games with my kids, the kids goes, daddy, Daddy, come on, come on, give me the jump, right because I'm dying. And so they give this jump and and the and the person revives in the video games, same thing in the human body. We have. We have all this glue without oxiss good in your body and instead of using outside, instead of using your own body's energy, is getting energy from vitamin C to revive itself. If it's going from G S A S to G S S G back to G S H, is it taking a hydrogen from the antioxidants, yes, exactly, okay, or where else could it get a hydrogen from? I mean, any of the antioxidants, right, So vitamin E has that similar components that a lot of them as have that too. The low grades available all the time. Vidomin C is bifi the cheapest and the most popular one because there's a lot of different places you can see from. And so that whole process of so G s H being the quote active form that can you know, do the benefits that we want and then this stable neutral G S s G form that is sort of inactive it sounds like, and then back to G S H. So that whole process practically and realistically like how fast is that happening? Is there a central mechanism in the body that's determining like how much that's happening or is it on a case by case basis. I think it's happening pretty fast because the glutine molecule the simplest term ichanic. Give example is that let's if you get sunburned. When you get sunburned, your your skin is very hard to touch and you feel the pain as soon as you're preat the glue thigh on. The pain goes away within weekends, right. And when that when that pain goes away within seconds, there's two things happening one, the absorption is pretty good. The second part is quenching all the free radicles immediately. If on the sun burned, if you apply vitamin C, oh my goodness, you'll burn. Oh my gosh. Right, just imagine if you're applying mightabin C on a burn sunburned victim, Oh my goodness you probably they will probably scream at you. Right. But yet, if you apply blue with time, within seconds, the pain is completely gone. And if you keep it applying you every every few hours, within a couple of days, the healing parts it starts really really fast. All that excess blue time that is applied commins to gss G molecule. Now, if you applied the vitamin C some other parts of the body, or just take oral capsules of vitamin C, he will help provide those glue time back into GSH molecule. Okay, wow, gotcha. So when you I guess we need we need to discuss the actual avenues. So historically, what have been the avenues for people trying to supplement glueoth ion. I mean, I'm sure people are pretty familiar with I V S. I know a place I go they do intermuscular shots. There's been oral what happens in those different avenues. So there's so you mentioned a few of them, right, oral capsules, there's oral liposomal technology liquid that people drink up. There's an intravenous form of glue thine that people have it. Then there's all these lotions and soaps, and I mean the rest of the world has a lot of different process of glue th island that those all these molecules. There's there's a few things have you to worry about. First, glue Thine is actually a protein. It's a three amino acid protein. It just as one of the smallest protein. When people think about protein, people think about large proteins that are anyway from hundred two hundred...

...two and more immoral assets linked together to make a larger protein. But this is a very small tripeptide protein. But when you take the protein by mouth, the body actually breaks it down into various amino acids, and then there's taxis amino assets and use up to as as building blocks. So there's a study done at Texas University in two thousand and ten where they took some patients and they gave them this oral capsules as well as oral liposomal form because the the thing, the liposomal form is more stable, so it bypasses the stomach and and so it goes into intest gets absorbed over there. Regardless of where he gets absorbed, the body breaks it down into various amino acids. So there was zero increase immediately into the red blood cells when when they consume oral glueth ion. So when you do I V glueth that and this was something that was done in nineties early to believes, So there's a couple of scientists that study when they were what they did was they infused two grams of intravenous glue thion and then they were measuring the blood levels. Of course, what's your first thing that you think about if you envision the blood, it's going to be blood, which is true, right, It just it happens in the blood. But then they took one step further and then measured the RBC levels of glue tide and it was zero. So what that told us that all the glue tide is went into the bloodstream, end up in the plasma, but never ended with the red blood cells. So that showed us one thing is that the ones the molecule is large enough it gets outside the cell. It can never go back inside the cell. It's having a baby. When the baby comes out, it can all go back in. Friends, I am so excited to tell you about one of my new favoritess things ever and it is quickly selling out. So listen to this now. Okay, So you guys know, I eat a lot of cucumbers. I don't think that this is any secret, and I find myself throwing away pounds, yes, pounds, of cucumber peels every single night. I felt so awful just throwing it in the trash. It seemed like such a waste. I had always wanted to try composting a k A, a sustainable approach to turning food waste into healthy dirt, but it seemed really intimidating and not very practical, so it was on the to do list for quite a while. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when a company called Lomi by Pela reached out to me wanting to sponsor the show. Normally I have to think a little bit about all the brands that reach out to me. I was an immediate yes. I was so excited. I got my lomly device. It is incredible. Lomi allows me to turn my food scraps into dirt with the push of a button. Lomi is a countertop electric composter that turns scraps to dirt and under four hours. By comparison, if you were to compost naturally, it would probably take at the shortest around six eight weeks and maybe even up to a year. But Nope, with Loami, I can literally do it in four hours. There's no smell when it runs, and it is super quiet. I've just started using Lomi and I'm really excited about how way less garbage I am going to have. I was taking out garbage bags all the time with all of that bulk from the food waste that I was throwing away. I'm anticipating this is going to cut down my garbage bags I probably around thirty so now with my Loami, I throw out way less garbage. That means that waste is not going to landfills and producing methane instead. I turned my waist into nutrient rich dirt that you can actually use to feed your plants. And Loami is super cool. It has three different settings. It has the Eco Express setting, which is low energy consumption, provides the past as results, and it's good for your food waste. It has the Loamly approved setting that's five to eight hours, and you can actually put in Loomi approved bioplastics and other compostable commercial goods and packaging that are Loomi approved. And then there's the grow mode that's twenty four hours. It's low heat with a longer duration and that actually preserves the microorganisms the most to help the soil and promote carbon storage in the soil. I am all about regenerative agriculture, so the fact that we can help put carbon back into the soil is so so incredible. Loamy is something I have instantly fallen in love with and if you guys are anything like me, I know you will as well. It would also make an incredible present for people. So if you want to start making a positive environmental impact or just make clean up after dinner that much easier, Loami is perfect for you. Go to low mea dot com slash Melanie Avalon and you see promo code Melanie Avalant to get fifty dollars off your loami. That's fifty dollars off when you head to l oh Am i dot com slash m...

E l A n I E A v A l O n and use the promo code Melanie Avalon at checkout food waste is gross, Loamy is your solution. This truly would make the most perfect gift for yourself or others over the holidays. Get it now Loaly dot com slash Melanie Avalon and we'll put all this information in the show notes. So that process of taking it in orally. And so if you take it in in its normal form or like you said, a life bosoma, which in theory is supposed to protect it from being broken down, and in theory it would have you know, stayed the same, it gets broken down anyways. So when it's broken down into those building blocks with the body, since it's like the perfect recipe for glutoth ione, automatically try to make it back into glutoth ione or would it just be these random building blocks and it doesn't really inform the body to make glue toth ion from it. It just might happen to absolutely, So that that's that's a great question in fact, because you assume just because you give a glue of iion that there is a chip that tells the body that hey, I'm giving a glue tied are you're gonna break it down, but please bring back together? Yeah? And the answer is now, okay, okay, that's so interesting. Yeah, So you can get infect better results by just consuming amino acids. And that's why FD has actually approved and a similar sistina as a medication to improve blue tie levels. What are the three amino acids in glue toth ion, Sistine, glycine, and glutamine. Sistine is the one that is not abudantly found in human bodies or in your diet. Okay, gotcha? I mean does this apply to a lot of things where we take them in and we assume where they would get broken down and we would just assume that they would get rebuilt into the same thing. Well, for the proteins, yes, two this year, the biggest pushes to people are using all kinds of peptides. They have skin care peptides and injections, peptides, oral capsules, Oh my god, peptides all over the place. Right. Similarly, peptides have have a similar issues as well because peptides body uses them, you know, seasons of protein and we'll try to break it down and so the synthetic peptides that we do consume orally they are their prescription drugs. Out there may be just synthetic peptides that the body cannot sense them, and so it's hard to break those things down. And the absorption is also very very limited because these are large molecules and the body cannot absorb the large molecule pretty fast or even readily. The biot doesn't even really detect them. So are they used they are? They are currently used as as a prescription drugs. Yes, sorry, I mean does the body use them in their original purpose? So the peptides that are comeing actually available, the synthetic forms of peptides they are. They are like a signals. They are signaling the bite to produce something. When we take glue with thigh on, we are actually giving them the real product they can use it today. Let me let me give you a simple example. Let's say you have a gun and you have two choices. If you either give you bullets or I tell your message that said, hey going to save the bullets over there right good? That is giving you bullets, use putting your guns and shoot them. Now the synthetic form is giving you a message that hey, there's a bullets over there, go get him yourself. So that is the somewhat difference, right, It's still you're still getting what you want. But what if if the messenger comes into play and there are no bullets on the safe left, then you're in trouble. Then you're in trouble. So that's why when it comes to the glue of thigh on, if I can give you the glue with tine in the ready to use format, that your ad body is that do anything whatsoever? And is you ready to use right now? The results should be instantaneous. So, going again with the gun analogy, if you're giving bullets, does the person stop like stockpiling bullets on their own because they're getting it? You know, just giving yourself glue with ion stop your body's natural production. So I get this question literally every single day, every single day because doctors we think along negative feedbacks. Right, whatever we give you that your body produces, we give you to you the body soft his own production. And it's true it does stop his own production. But here's the caveat with things. Stopping your own production is bad for you because then you're making your body lazy. Right. That's that's a common theme that we have amongst physicians that we don't give anything that your body or the produces, because otherwise the body... dependent on what we give them outside sources and the body becomes lazy. And it is true when you're dealing with hormones, it's true, and dealing with pituitary hormones and hypothalamic hormones are the gonadal hormones. But it's not true when you're dealing with proteins because guess what, if the body needs to produce more proteins, it's going to produce regardless if he already has it. It's not like the person is sitting idle and not doing anything else. You can use the same energy to do some other chemical reactions, and so it's not like the it's like when you give like we we always give steroids, right, two people they have have inflammation, and when you give steroids the body that your drinal gland stops producing cortisol or the cortical steroids, and so the temporarily it's a good relief of the drinal glands because the drink gluds are all stressed out. And so if I give as short term relief from not you seeing this product. I'm okay, but long term use of steroids can diminish the bit of produced SS for the rest of your life because of gland now shrinks up. If it shrinks up and it cannot produce anymore, then we've got a problem, right, And so but when it comes to the glue of thion, it's producing every cell intest cellularly. If it doesn't use the energy to produce glue, that you will use the same edgy to produce something else. Is it kind of like the difference between so, like the adrenal gland situation would be like if you had a person and you gave them lots of money and they just stopped getting a job and just stayed at home and then you know, they're kind of helpless. Compared to the glue of thion, where giving somebody a lot of money and they use that money to like make more money and do lots of stuff, and like you know, they became more successful. Yeah, so then and I just correct. When you give money to somebody, it tells them that, hey, you don't have to work, and here's the money to to to live your daily life. And more than likely we all know that they're not gonna live long enough because the body does not It's not gonna be conducive for work for doing the work because it's not used to doing work versus when you give glut thigh on to somebody. Is actually what is doing is that it's not just giving you money to spend. Instead of giving you money is basically loading up your bank deposits are loading up something else where. It said, hey, the money is there for you to use, but you cannot spend it in your hands right now. Right if if you want to spend in your hands, that's good enough. But you but it's there plenty for it, But now you go work for for for for using it up. I'm not sure that makes sense or not, but I'm trying to give the same the same example. It's because it's not the same. Giving gluti the body does not make the body lazy at all. In fact, it's giving the amunition to do with the daily problems. And all the excess glue time that your body takes us is all the excess you just peet out. So let's see, you have a do you have a monthly expenses of five thousand bucks? A month, and I give you a hundred thousand laws a month. So what happens is that five thou you will use it up? You just go dump. It just goes away. You talk about the levels of glue of ione as people age, So what is the likelihood that somebody would take glue to ion and would have extra or do most people really need it? Well, most people after this certain age, like and when that's a certain age, I cannot give a different answer. But my theory thinks that by thirty you need some sort of supplementation. By forty you foreshowly supplementation because your body is ability to produce glue time reduces as you age, because keep in mind, requires the three amnion assets and the enzymes, and if you don't, if you have all the building blocks but no enzymes you buy, they cannot produce glueth ion, And so as you age, that ends them sis depleting. Your diet keeps on changing and so but our needs never reduces. In fact of our needs kept it increasing. Right as soon as you turn twenty one, only you can legally drink now. But they don't realize that that alcohol is a solvent that is toxic to the body that the body has to neutralize it, conjugate with some glueth that and get rid of it. And so every time you drink alcohol and physically, if you think about it visually, gluten is actually conjuging this alcohol and getting rid of it. And if you don't have enough gluoth ion, guess what, that's where you have trouble. Drinking so much. The person that drank so much beers in the twenties, even if they drink two beers in their fifties, they're gonna have a hangover. Can it ever be something like alcohol? And we can talk about like exercise, Could alcohol ever be a low enough dose that it has a her atic effect?...

Or is it always going to be a net loss? You think? So alcohol is a solvent and that needs to get neutralized anyways. Right, so there's a very low dose of alcohol that your body can can basically use it up. But that's again, that's a very low dose. Right if you just class up, if you just drink a glass of wine every single day, it might be okay. But even those people. I have a lot of patients that they drink even just one one glass of wine per day, and the ability to consume wine and still be able to function. The morning diminishres as the age, So even just one glass is probably not going to be It is probably gonna be too much. What about the oxidative stress of exercise, for example, Yes, yeah, that's a great question, right, because when you see athletes performing at the highest peak, you know, and if you look at the workout regimen they go through, Oh my gosh, it's it's it's nuts right there, work out two or three hours per day, every single day, and they are super super fit. And yet you work out for three hours in a day and you're part of not getting out of the bed for a month, and so there's a difference. There's a huge difference. So it's working out, any kind of strenuous exercise is producing intense amount of oxyderus stress in your body. Right when those stress are those has to be reduced down. So people will do cold plunges, right, or they may do massage every single day, or they will just rest, or they will take some vitamins to reduce the elactic acid production that's already happening and things like that. But most of the athletes, when they do work out, they have a full on six to eight hour rest schedule for the same day versus average patient of mind. Guess what they work out in the morning, then there to get up after the working out, make all the food for lunch and dinner for breakfast, at lunch for the day, packed up the lunch, pack up the kids, lunch, and get in the car and go to work, work, work, work, come back home, probably eat, didn't have chance to eat properly, come back home, and now you're a big dinner. I mean, it's it's on the go. And then the only time you have two time to relax in the evening, you watch TV or do something that is not supposed to do. And now all of a sudden, you can't sleep at night time because you all wired up, and so sleep can't disturbed. You wake up in the morning and the whole cycle starts again. There's no rest, there is no arrest, and there's no rest that even a little bit of exercise is too much for you. So I always tell all my clients, and I have clients both ends. I have Olympic athletes, fourtun CEOs, and I have patients that are just average persons that are trying to make ends meet. On a daily basis, and everybody has a different regiment no matter who you are. I always recommend you only work out enough of your book and body can handle the oxyter stress. And typically that is thirty minutes or less. And is that just for aerobic exercise or anaerobic as well aerobic. So for the anaerobic, I can tell them that, hey, you can still go for another half an hour for more for that one. And it's such to build a muscle mass, but what you're really doing is you're you're breaking your muscle fibers, and every time you break the muscle fibers, you're also creating lactic acids inside the muscles and it can also increase oxter stress. And so it is there, but it's not that much compared to the aerobic because aerobic you're breathing oxygen really heavily and breathing out carbon dioxide and so that is your fuel to burn would be the oxygen, and so your body never get into this anaerobic state sort of speak. That is that is very healthy for you. So again you're just got to build the tolerance for thirty minutes of workout every day and not have to get so much huffing and puffing every day. People will talk about with exercise not taking antioxidants because then you won't get this oxidative stress, and then you won't get this like the body you know, rebounding and ultimately dealing better with oxidative stress in the future. So do you subscribe to that or should we be taking antioxidants include a ion with exercise. So I always tell all my athletes, and we have we have I have patients that have in all the major exports from NFL to MLB S two, n B A and and all the other sports as well that are played. And even though these are athletes, they it's pretty toll on them. So I always tell them that, yes, you exercise as hard as you want. Right then what they do is they go hit the cold plunge, right they put in the ice path. What's ice by the actually doing is actually promoting your production of blue tide as well. So my daily cryotherapy, yeah,...

...cryotherapy, So that's what it's doing anyways. And so yes, you can put a cold plunge in there, and there's a lot of other anti inflamatory effects as well, but that is not going to stop production of glue. Tan. Your body is going to produce a glue tide, and so yes, you want to use a glue toon, but you want to use it after your exercise, not before because the the absorption is so fast. Then you want to wait until you have the enough stressing your body to to make a physical change your body. And then all the excess oxygen I want to get rid of it, because that's what that's what you're trying to do when you relax, is trying to get rid of all the excess oxygen that has been created in your body. Does mental stress create free radicals or does it just contribute to the text state of the body. In general, it does create free radicals. So any stressors, any stressors will create free radicals. We have identify all the stressors. We have physical stressors that you if you have infects, you or your you stab on a nail, or you you put your thumb in the door jam, you know, all kinds of things. Right, that's one stressors. Then the second stressors are are environ mental pollutions, sun, sunlight, they will create stressors. And then the chemical stressors that the foods you eat and the pestises that's created from the one and the footage is they use in the food. And the last one is a mental stressors. You have financial stress, social stress, relationship stress. So those are kind of things that can also increase oxiders stress in your body. Here's a very random question, and I don't know if you would know the answer to this, but when the gluetoth ione deals with these free radicals and neutralizes them and creates water, is that hydrating like? Is it a lot of water? Like? Does it have effect at all on hydration status? No, it should not. It should not because it does not create hydration status that much. You you have to drink water for that one. Okay, so you're speaking about all of these stressors with toxins and chemicals and things in our environment. How does glute ione deal differently with toxins versus free radicals? So, yeah, so glutein is is probably the only molecule that we produce that does both. It reduces it. It can give up an electron to neutralize a charge molecule. Right, oxygen is a charge molecule. It can give up to the electron and neutralize the oxyen molecule and basically get rid of it. And that that molecule the GS statement, it becomes GS to G S s G. Eventually it can also conjugate with chemicals and make it water soluble, and so you can pee it out. And that process is a one way process. Once you conjugate with with the with the known chemical, then it cannot revive itself again, just pee it out. So when you are dealing with lots of chemical exposure from either foods or envimental sources, then your body has to produce a lot of glue ion because that it's it's a one way process. Only people with lots of heavy metal toxicities. Same thing. People consume a lot of vitamins. I mean, I think US is probably the number one country in the world that's that produces the most that's consumes the most amount of vironamins. And if you ask any armances, I check every single day. My job is all the vitamins that we sell or we also make products over here, is we check on the heavy metal content in every chemical, every chemical, and there is a limit on how much we can use. If you're taking my mouth, any problem is that you're take in my mouth can have a lot more heavy metals. Then if you're doing the same exact chemical and you're using it topically or injecting it. Injections should be the bare minimum is still there. It is still there, but it's very minimum. You're saying we should should not to injections. No, No, what I'm saying is that the chemicals are tainted. All the chemical sources are tainted, doesn't matter where they come from. There's a limit on how much how much heavy metals is going to be there, but heyminals are going to be there all the time. All these metals every single day that gets in your inside your body, your body has to clean up. I just want to clarify, because I get injection vitamins, those are more likely or less likely to be intensely tainted, less likely, less likely because the limits on those injections in terms of the imperies is bare, bare, bare minimum. It has to be like nine nine plus percent pure n pure or any apercent pure, or something like ridiculous amount of purity. It is required, and that's why the cost of the injections are very very high compared to the same stuff you can take a early So, I mean, that's a...

...bit of a shocker. So, I mean, I've been talking for so long about the importance of vetting the supplements that you're taking, and so it sounds like you could be doing a lot of damage if you're you know, taking the wrong supplements. You can and keep in mind. For twenty plus years, I've trained physicians all over the world on intravenous nutrient therapies. There's a book that I have I wrote for physicians only, Ardent Signs of Introvetous Nuteent Therapy, and it's a guide for the physicians to do IV therapies inside the office. And I've trained thousands of doctors in my twenty year career and how to do ivy therapies. And so I was a strong advocate PHIBI therapy. I'm still am today as well. And the chemical source is where I got all the information from, is to how we can do a good job and have benefit to the patients without increasing toxics cities. Wow. And so if people are getting i VS at most places, are there really stringent criteria or should people be concerned with getting i vs? The criterias are a stringent, but at the same time, you still have to follow your due diligence to making sure that you're going to reputated healthcare provider, because keep in mind, they are not enough inspectors in this world to check up on every doctor that's giving IVY therapist out there. The biggest thing that the government did was they basically went after the makers of the injective of medication and make sure they were improper compliance. And once that got into place, of course, the next goal would be to go after the providers and see if they're doing a good job mixing those violence together before injecting it there. So, is it more likely because I know there are a lot of like corporate type chains that you can go too, are those more likely to be because there are a corporate situation safer than like a random person's office or is it really just a case by case basis. It's a case by case basis everybody. I mean, when the corporate offices, what they what they have in place is a good management structure. At the end of the day, it's the person that's making the bag for you is the most important person. You can have thousand locations, but that one bad person that's making the bag is floppy. Now all of a suddy have a tainted bag. It doesn't matter how big the firm is, you get a tainted back. So the person making the bag, like in the office, who gives you the ivy or the person who made the supply that was given to the office, the person that makes the bag in the office. So the doctor's officers will will buy all the all the supplies from a drug manufacturer and then they will take all these vials and then they take a portion of all this whiles and making too into an IVY bag and that bag gets infused. So for all the listeners, one thing to remember is ask ask when was his bag made? If it's more than four hours, never infuse it. Oh okay, this is so good to know. Any other questions to ask? Is that the main question, that's the main question I want to ask is how when was a bag made? And so if it's more than four out, ideally like to infuse my bag within an hour of making the bag. But if it's within the four hours, I'm still okay with it. Right after four hours, I am very highly skeptic. So if if you're infusion is let's see two hours or an hour, then you will reduce the time by another half an hour or an hour. Right, So let's see if your infusion rate is one hour for the for the bag, then the bag has we've made at least three hours before does a supply as well to the like sub que and intramuscular injections. No, those are those are instantaneous, right, They dried up and they injected, so there's no mixing going on. The only time you ask those questions because there's a lot of chemicals being mixed into a bag before they infuse it to you. And the glue thon can never be in a back ever and can never be I am either. You can give a shot in a butt of glue with ion. It's acid. I've had intermuscular injections of glueth ion. I'm sorry, there's no need for it. In fact, even we were the largest producer of intravenous glue town in the country of intravenous and then we stopped it in and the reasons because in this book was published and so and and once I know what I know, I could not see in my doctor's eye and tell them that hey, this is a good product. The half life or the fact of an ivy golodth ion that you know you... longer do compared to which we haven't even talked about your version of the spray. How long does that gloweth ion last in the system for both of those and and what is your version? So the intravenous form of glue thon again, back going back to the study that was I want to believe. So they showed that after two grams of intravenous ivy in the intronous glutth ion, the a half life on average was about fourteen point one minutes plus of minus nine minutes. So as the best case scenario, it was in your body for twenty three minutes. The worst case scenario, it was there anybody for five minutes. And the reason is because nothing, not a single molecule of glueton end up in the red blood cells. It was only in the plasma. And once into the plasma, it hits the kidney, just kidney, just just peet up. So in thirty minutes, you probably will have the most expensive year we can never have. So in that situation, let's say that you are really in need of clutive thought. Let's say you're like a super hungover or something. Would you get a benefit from that ivy or is it literally just in and out not even helping anything. So it does help for fourteen fifteen minutes. So for so you give me an example of hangover, right, hangover is basically it's a neurotoxin that the alcohol dehydrogenase ends the enzymes basically brings out the alcohol to alcohol metabolizaldehyde and that idized neurotoxic. So that's where the headaches are coming from. So well, glutoth ion does is it helps metabolize the alcohol but not the aaldehyde. So even if you have let's see, if if all your alcohol in the system has already been metabolized, then my end, you're gonna have a hangover for a long time. Right, it's gonna be for the whole mornings on late afternoons or maybe the whole day. It's it's gonna be miserable. But if you can reduce the alcohol itself, then the like night after drinking, then the next day when you do make up, the conversion to say alda hid is very very little, and so you still had the buzz all night, but you probably would not have any any headaches in the morning if you had a glue to thy on Ivy Wild drinking you probably, I mean I would not have too many negative side effects or that would really help. I mean, I know that's not practical, but I'm just trying to understand, like what's actually happening. So I'm picturing myself at a bar I E pole and ordering my my my favorite scotch. I said, hey, can I have a couple of scotches? What is that? I said, well, just just making sure that I put inside. It's getting neutralis immediately. It doesn't help, right, because people that drink alcohol are drinking for the newer toxin, right, the buzz right right? Yeah? So yeah, so you wouldn't get tipsy maybe yeah, you you might not, you might not. Or what I do see that happens is that now they consume more alcohol because they're looking for the buzz and they're not getting it yet Eventually they're going to get it. Because keep in mind, an average time you spend drinking is not for four fifteen minutes. It's ours. I've actually thought about this before, and I don't know if this is going to sound controversial too, but because people will say drink with food because you won't get the effects as much. Basically, when I'm drinking. I actually like to have like a glass on an empty stomach because I get a bigger effect with less alcohol rather than like if I had more alcohol, which maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but people saying like doing things to make you have less of the effect, then I think the effect might be you might just drink more. So it could be a one thing. I did realize that at least you're a human being that you do drink alcohol, right, So that's a good sign. We don't have to be buzzed all the time, but it please you enjoy once in a while adult beverage. That's that's not a bad thing. So eating foods, drinking water, all those things. When it does it dilutes the alcohol itself. When it is diluted a little bit, then the absorption gets slowed down a little bit and the absolution gets slowed a little bit. The liver has a has a higher chance on metabology, it faster, right, And so if you put a whole bunch of alcohol in your liver at once to give a small small dose over over half an hour, the body, the liver can work better and more efficiently if it gives you over longer periods of time. So all the other thing that the water and food does while while you're drinking adult beverage is slowing the absorption down, so your body a chance to...

...basically incorporate faster. The way I like to approach it is just drink really slowly on an empty stomach rather than with food. But that's just me. So so you enjoy it for them for so it's less alcohol. You'll never have anyone for sure, because just one one glass, you've got your buzz that you're looking for, and you have delayed, and it's for a long time. So for glass stakes you maybe half an hour to an hour. That's even better because then guess what, that's just one drink, so much better. Going back to the detox issue, so it sounds like glutoth ion use from free radicals and oxiday of stress from exercise and damage and a lot of things that can contribute to that. I mean, not that that's good, but at least the gluthon can be recycled. But when it's detox, I mean, it's just used. So it sounds like exposure to toxins is really an issue. Yes, And so in California, the study done. This was back in the nineties as well, and of course there was done by the oil company because in California we can stick it to the private industries to do all the work for them. And if Oil County wants to sell produce oily in California, they do all the studies. And so they study I don't know, thousand cadavers and they looked at all the tissues of all cadaverous tissues was laced with pesticides, fertilizers, organic solvents, and chemicals. I don't think that there's nothing anything you can do to avoid that. So we all said, well, everybody has a different intensity, right, there is a different intensity, and the intensity increases, then your body can't handle it. That's when the odds of disease comes into play. Now, obesity is rampant today and I want to I don't want to make it. It's it's all. It's all, you know, a food. But the food is playing a major old in in getting your kids fatter today. Because the kids have a sendary lifestyle, they are eating foods laced with patags and fertilizers. They are not able to detoxify it fast enough, and those fat cells are basically getting saturate with all these toxins that your body can operation of glue thion to get rid of it. And so oh business is rap. And please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to make sure that people take everything is glue with time when when when the kids are a limit overweight. What I'm trying to say is that it's a bigger problem than we think it is, and the problem lies from from every single thing that we do. Our water source or food source of our addition to the technology, not having having exercise, all these things are playing a major role in society. And we're trying to solve a problem with a drug, with a medication, and we cannot. I can give all the group in the world, there's still not to solve the problem that we are still eating food that is not unsent clean. So people, for example, on a vegetarian or vegan diet and eating conventional versus organic for example, how bad could that pesticide exposure be? Like? Can people do more damaged by eating foods like that? So I became vegetarian about six seven years ago, and even before that, my meat consumption was not very high to begin with, during my research when I was working on the Glut of Time project myself and I was I was advocating to all my patients to become vegetarian if they have issues, if they have concerns, right, and I don't. If you don't, if you don't have any issues, then you can do whatever you want to do. But if you have a problem, then then let's figure out a ways how to minimize the problems. So a lot of my patients, they're pretty well to do patients. They have the personal chefs that the house. A lot of my patients have that, so they can cook whatever they want to whatever they want to eat, somebody's going to look for them. So they have the average and the means to make themselves healthy. They choose to do so. And so we went vegetarian. We went or getting on at least the dirty doesn't. Right. There's those twelve products that has the highest amount of pesticides and fertilizers into that one. Those those are if you can avoid those being inorganic would be a great thing to do. They will. All I can tell you is you can minimize the problem, but you cannot get rid of the problem. And so all the tips I have in the book on how to minimize the problem is to eat the dirty doesn't cannot be in organic, has to be organic if you can try to be a vegetarian. I'm not vegan myself. I should be, but you know what, I love my dairy products so much, so I'm not vegan yet. But yeah, our body processes vegetables, fruits and vegetables much much more efficiently that meats and so.

So being said that meats are are are okay for good protein source, but the fermentation process that that's how the body limits the foods we eat. The meats answers be fermented and so the meats doesn't get fermented in the elimination pathways, and so meats can cause a lot of inflammation. And when there and the water bodies inflamed from inside. Yes, they need glue thion to reduce information down and so over need for glue that increases when, especially when you eat a lot of meats. So can we quantify that with the meat? So is it only after a certain amount of meat that there's that issue with fermentation by products? The fermentation is the is the way. So average human intestines are tournymen feet long, and so to the food is to go to the tournament feet of processing tube before it comes out the next day. Right, So there's processing to we call it intestines. They process the food by by basically fermenting it, and the fermentation process it extracts all the nutrients out of it. Meats cannot be fermented, so it cannot be fermented. It causes inflammation. But basically the body sees this as a foreign object and it start producing INtime flammating markers because the body is getting inflamed because it's trying to see, hey, what is it for? Any into my cold and let me get rid of it? Right, And so that everybody that even the smallest amount of meat has to have some sort of inflammation inside the body. And log information is okay because the body can deal with it. It's the constant inflammation of your body that's an issue. Because like vegetables have protein as well. So is there something special about the meat protein that creates that effect compared to vegetable protein. Yeah, the tissues, right, the animal protein. I wish we just eat the proteins, and yes, you can eat the proteins by itself in that form of shakes and and you know they buy the protein shakes and some are made from animal source and some are made from vegetable source. Those are different because those proteins can be broken down by your body, but not really because you have to cue to produce the enzymes. So most of the protein ecs that you buy a good source will have digestive enzymes built to do it. So the enzymes will help break down the proteins to do that. But when we eat the meats, what we are really eating is the tissues, the muscles, and so those tissues, Yeah, to extrat the protein out of there is living. It's a little harder, but at the same time, it's a tissue that's causing the inflammation inside the body. What about the protein is hard just the way that the proteins are connected or like why is that harder to digest and having that inflammatory effect compared to breaking down again, like vegetable protein, So vestal proteins are not that large to begin with. Plus the vegeta proteins are not a complete protein anyways. So like, for example, if you're going to eat seeds a lot of if you have a lot of seeds or lentils, then you have to eat some sort of grains like ara myth or millet to make it, to combine them as as one complete protein. So you're getting the proteins from two different sources to make it a complete protein. But in actuality, there's no complete protein in any animal in any Vestrian diet. So it sounds like there could be issues with breaking down the animal protein. What about with the plants? You know all these protective compounds that people talk about like gluten and lectins and you know other compounds that might have an inflammatory potential, are they a concern? So those components that are in the inflammatory components, those are generally modified. And that's the another issue. That's a whole of the cantab And then we can talk all day long on that one too. That's that thing is completely different because those genetically Keep in mind, today there's all the fruits and vegetables, there's a whole big gene leap out there looking trying to perfect the shape, the size, the taste, the color, the texture. Everything they have mapped every fruits in mission was out there and then trying to figure that portion out how to get the most how to get the best looking fruits and vegetables with the best taste, with the highest amount of nutrients, and they have been genetically modifying those those products to do that part. And by the way, as of yet, we have yet to perfect even one vegetable. I recently interviewed Mark Shatzka, who has a book called The Trito Effect and also The End of Craving. It's all deep dive into all of that, and it was really really fascinating. So another question about the dietary choices. So I was googling, and I thought, I really thought that there would be a lot of studies on this, but I couldn't find that...

...many studies looking at like vegans versus omnivores and glue tothion levels. I did find a few, they were mixed, like some found that vegans and vegetarians had lower levels. Usually the hypothesis was due to the need for those specific you know, sistine and glycine include a means some found comparable. So I'm just wondering, like stepping back, because I know a lot of my listeners eat animal protein inclusive diets and so if you could you know, buy like regenerative or in organic meats that don't have the potential toxics that go along with that. Is meet a good substrate for glutoth ion because it can have preformed gluteoth ion and the building blocks it does. And you're right about that one. That one I cannot deny it because vision diet. As much as I would love to be a hi and diet myself, I need the sistine sistain terms of the milk products right the way the way I as sistine in there. It's hard to get sustain in your vetarian diet. You can still get, but it's it's it's it's not that easy. So the meat source becomes extremely important for that because those meat sources. There's quite a bit of meat sources. I think that's listen my book, all the all the animal proteins that you can take that has that can increase the glutaln level to be the best. And so it's absolutely necessary to have both. When I do my pros and cards, I have to figure out that I have all the tools in the world, and I had to decide which tools I'm going to use. And so I decided that hey, since I have I have already figured out that I can take the glue tie from extremely topical solutions spray form and increase by glow tinn level that I will not need the meat source to increase by glue toin level for that reason. And so I'm just using using a tool to figure out what's right for me personally. But everybody is different, right, everybody has to do figure things out for themselves. Some people eat meat big because it's not just a good protein source, but it's it's really helped them stay lean and more agile. People they want to eat vegetarian diet, they are very frail and but they're strong. But they're just frail and they look frail, but by all means they're pretty strong from inside. And so everybody has a different persona. So I want to make sure that everybody understands that you have to use all the tools that are available to you today to make the right choices. I cannot tell you that they won't put your diet is gonna be good for you not. What I can tell you is that use the diet as a as a source for nutrients for your body. Right. It's like if you buy an expensive car and the car that says unlettered guests only, and what happens if people to lead guests inside the car was still function what happens all the parts inside. I will get a lead inside and eventually get clogged up. All of a sudden, the fugestions that are gonna be working, and you're going to have this car not function at an optimum speed. And so I wish we have a something on below oor nose saying real food only. Hi, friends, I'm about to tell you how you can get my favorite electrolytes for free, Yes, completely free. And the feedback we have received about Element Electrolytes from our audience is overwhelming. You guys love Element and I'm so excited because our new offer allows new and returning customers to get free Element and on top of that, they're super popular. Grape Fruit flavor is back. If you've been having issues with intermitted fasting, electrolytes may just be the thing that you need. And or have you heard of something called the keto flu. Here's the thing. The keto flu is not actually a condition. Keto flu just refers to a bundle of symptoms headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, and insomnia that people experience in the early stages of keto die eating. Here's what's going on. When you eat a low carb diet, your insulin levels drop. Low insulin in turn, lowers the production of the hormone aldosterone. Now, aldosterone is made in the kidneys and it helps you retain sodium. So low aldosterone on a keto diet makes you lose sodium at a rapid rate. And even if you are consciously consuming electrolytes, you might not be getting enough. In particular, you need electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, in order for nerve impulses to properly fire. Electrolytes can easily be depleted while intermittent fasting. Rob Wolf, who, as you guys know, is my hero in the holistic health world, worked with the guys at Keto Gains to get the exact formulation for electrolytes supplements to formulate Element recharge so you can maintain ketosis and feel your best. Element Recharge has no sugar, no coloring, no artificial ingredients, no junk. They're used by three Navy Seals team. They are the official hydration partner to Team USA...

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And we'll put all this information in the show notes. All right, now back to the show. I'm so glad to hear you say that, and because that's the exact mindset I have about everybody finding what works for them personally and realizing that people exist in this paradigm often where it's like you have to be just carnivore, just vegan, or just this one thing, when maybe you can like find the aspects that work together and maybe like I don't think it's bad that if you're vegan and you might need to supplement a certain amino acid, Like, I don't think that means that the vegan diet is bad. It just means that you do something to optimize it. Actually, one of the sides I was looking at it's literally what you just said. It was looking at the glue of thion levels of the different populations, and it found that there was a risk for vegans for low glueothion levels, but that lacto obi veget arians actually had higher glud fion levels than the omnivores. So there's just like a lot of nuance there. And there's the role of privilege because like with the vegetarian situation, you might have to like supplement to make it the optimal form. But then on the animal side of things, like you might need to get you know, versions of animal products that aren't conventionally raised due to toxins that might be in there. So it's just, yeah, it's just very nuanced and people have to find what works for them for sure. Yeah, I should have been giving diet recommendation at all, because I think there's a lot more choices that people have, and people should listen to their own body than any any experts out there and just follow you, follow your body. If you think that you're that your ambablements are great, then follow your diet. If you feel that you're healthy and functioning properly and your high energy, then follow the diet. Whatever that is right, follow the diet. When you talk to any health care provider like me, even like me, we are just giving it an opinion based on our findings. That is not the truth, okay. And and your job as as a patient is to find the tooth. And you may be asking ten different people right tending a tenfferent health care provider and getting getting their opinion as to what right for them. But if I tell this is the right way and this is the only way, then I'm fooling everybody that's out there. So my intention is not to do that at all. I just tell what works for me, and it has been working for me, so so that's all I do. I do like my partner in crime, my PhD that that that's with me on this thing. He doesn't need any mege tables at all. Is he carnivar completely completely carnival completely right, and he's been that way and he's he's about ninety eight pounds his slim as hecked, he's in his late six yearly seventies now, no other health conditions so to speak. Yeah, And I mean that's that's how he is. Of course he's been being glut in for nine years now, since the day we found out about it. But other than that, Nobies is completely carnivore and his his greens for the days is hot chilies. Oh I gonness, I love that were speaking out. Another question about the food, please you listen in your book foods that have preformed clute ion in them? Is that the same situation as oral supplementation like we're talking about earlier, where the clueth ion would be broken down and then possibly reassembled, or when it's in food, can it be used as is? No, they're all gonna be broken up and reassembled, and so there's there's comes by technology, So keep in mind. So I'm going to give you a visual malony. Right now, I'm gonna give you visual Let's see you go out in your car in a hot day and the scorching sun, and you park your... What you do is you pull up with this this windshield shade, so to speak, as a small ball. You open it up and it's put on the wind shield so that there's no sun coming inside the car. Right. And when you're done, what you do with the shade, you folded up nicely and put it back inside. Right, So think about it. When the glue thon is produced interested early, it's like this small ball as soon as it comes out of the cell becomes this windshield shade big enough. Now if it cannot falling back again, it can never go and go back inside. So our technology what we have done is we've take the glue that molecule itself and in my lab I basically fold the whole thing down. And once I fold it down, all of a sudden it becomes the techno. It was not just falling down. I mean protein enveloping is not a common phenomenon a lot of a lot of companies are doing today, but folding you down and keeping the integrity of the molecule at a stable format. Was that the toughest thing that I have encountered to do. And then giving you to the body that your body can absorb it and release it back once it's inside, that was a whole new ballgame. Took us forward and a half year just to figure that portion out. So the clue of IONN that is folded down, what's keeping it folded down? And why does it unfold when it's back in the body. It's a chemical reaction that happens inside the body that breaks the bonds to unfold it. That's so the we create a complex. It's a chemical complex that it creates. So it keeps it. It keeps it holding down and then the ends ups inside your body. We breaks those bonds bonds off and basically make the grid readily available within within seconds. Is it temperature stable? Is it light stable? So right now it is temporature stable. It is it is not light stable. We all us packed them in an amber bottle and we put them in a box and it's always there. It is stable at room tim but I don't like to keep it at at at high times either. The stability of the product increases as the milligrams increases, So I mean glue tits is about two millmail is the solidity of the product. And then with this complex creation that we have done, we can get up to five milligrams in an m l A stable format. And as the milligrams increases, the stability also increases because the bonding gets tighter and tighter. Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Can it be because you sent me some which was so kind, so thank you. So I've been using it. Can I keep it in the refrigerator? Oh? Yes, yes, yes, absolutely depends on where you are. If you're in the hardest part of this planet, please keep it at the room temperature, which is seventy five or less, fair height or very yet to put in the refrigerator. It's kind of cold to apply it, but you know what it's it's okay. So I usually put it all my spare balls. I was in the refrigerator and the one that I'm using it, I'm putting. I live it in my medicine cabinet. I wanted to put in the refrigerator because it smells very sulfury, and I found that putting it in refrigerator made it not smell as potent with the sulfur smell, that's true. And the sulfur order is because of thiole group on the glue thion, and so if I remove the file group, it reduces all the potency of the glue than is gone. And the tile group was was important. I have put a chemical cap on it. So the chemical cap makes a stable from not getting oxidized, but it's not enough to get the smell. It's not a physical cap. I put a chemical cap on it. So with the chemical cap on the thile group, I was not able to get rid of the smell. Do you think there's the possible in the future of a technology that would I have been working on this for since he doesn't in seven. Now I believe it. And the formula I created in two seven and the formula that that you've got into two is identical. I have probably done at least between fifty different variations of this molecule over the years, and nothing worked like the one we did the first time, trying different variations specifically for the sulfur smell or just in general to see how it would work. So there's two things right, the sulfur spell, the order is there, and I cannot change that. In the second power of the stickiness, it's very tacky when you apply it, and so you have to rub it in to let it dry up a little bit. So that those are two big challenges I have. Keep in mind, the cosmetic world has trained us that if you put anything on your skin, it has to smell good and feel good. And my part smells like sulfur and it's hacky like glue, and so, my goodness,... have no idea. How hard is it to tell people that just use it as good for you. I say, yeah, right, But once they use it, then then they get the then to see the benefit of it. They can never unsee that. It's funny because so I read your book before receiving it, and I was like, I'm sold, like I gotta be using this, And then I received it and I am still using it every night. But I had definitely had to come to terms with the sulfur smell. I did find, like I said, putting in the refrigerator helped a lot, and for rubbing it in, because it does have that feel. Do you really need to physically rub it in for the effectiveness or is it just for comfort rubbing it in. It's comfort. Okay, So I don't actually have to rub it in. No, I rub it in everything because even even a palm, so it doesn't really matter a right, So I sprayed on, I will rub it in with my palms. And then I have a dog. So the dog loves glue of time you just so it looks up, look it off. He looks up my public He just waits around. It sits there like a good dog. And as soon as I'm done, he will look off the glion. And so then I washed my hands up so he gets a little bit. I get a little bit. So if you're both happy, that's so funny. I love that. And then okay, so questions about actually using it in that form when we put it on? Is it similar to the I V. Situation where it has a half life that's fairly short, or what happens to it? So that's a great question because I can give you a short answer right now, but the real answer is going to come back a little. This year when my stud we just got human trials approved by IRB. We were shut down for two and a half two years almost into this pandemic. At all the IRB at the universities were closed and even though they were approven, there was nobody to do research on that one. So when we did the original research, which was a short study to apply for the patents, what we found out was that the half life of this product was anyway from four to six hours after after single dose application and inside your red butt cells not just not just not just a plasma and you read butt cells. So that's what we measured. Okay, that's impressive. So four to eight hours, does that mean that you should be I know on the bottle that says every eight hours or so, I I recommend twice a day. And I have my reasonings behind that on because aud the current study, you should be using every four hours. But if you do all the if you do all the calculations as how your body processes this medication and at the rate of eliminations, and also counting into how much of it is gonna be g ss G molecule was his conjugation pathways, if I do all those calculations, I figured out that if you use it twice a day, I can literally get anybody, well not not anybody, I would say more than eighty percent of population, I can probably get them on a steady state in between four to six months. Now, everybody, anybody who has a chronic is acute issue and wants to use it every four hours for a few days to get the problem, they've done this part part two. So most of our doctors then they treat their patients for multiple reasons. They'll put them on every four hours for two days, and then twice a day day after so that the acute problem is gone. And then they're putting a maintenance dose for six months. And after six months, I believe, and I think the test will tell us more detail. But if if you do, if you extrapolate that information out, that eighty percent of people after six months can get away with them once a day using and still have a have a significant good levels up to the high normal area. So that's what we have. That's what we're hoping to have one day, is to sell sort of a maintenance those But you said right now, right, you had to come terms to it. But if you just rub it in, the smell goes away within a couple of minutes too. Yeah, I've definitely I've integrated it into my routine. I was wondering would there be any different effects or would it even matter. I do an infrared sauna session every night, would you suggest doing it before or after? Or does it not really matter after? Because sauna is also treating oxidive stress, right Saunta is a mile way. I hope you don't even infra is it infrared or or hard infrared? So infrared is you cannot do too long either because that is actually sending frequency to treat oxidius stress. Little stress is good for you, it's the it's the overexposure. Stress is not good for you. Right, So while if you're doing for ten fifteen minutes, I hope no more than that. I do a long session every night, like like an hour. Oh my gosh. Okay, I'm not sure what the intensity is, but we can talk about that too. But if you if...'re doing that long of a session, then what you're getting is you're getting a lot of oxider stress afterwards. So during so during the session you're getting all the benefit. As so the session is over, you should spread the glutes out on right away and it will quench all the additional free radicals. Whatever we can and make it do. GSSG molecule and then if you if you take environam and seas in the morning, that Jesus will come back to be golo that again. Okay, that's interesting. That's what I've been doing. I've been doing the gluteify on right after that, so I know the dose are just for sprays. If you do more sprays, do you get more of a benefit? Absolutely. So, like all my clients that are that have more money than they can ever dream of, they think that, oh, this is only hund twenty bucks, but the plus is two hundred bucks. I said, no, you only need the regular stuff. You don't need the total hull. Is you gonna hurt me? I said, no, it's not gonna hurt you. But you're just wasting money. But I got plenty of that, right, So that's the reason to come up. So we've done studies to do to sprays. I'm talking about the regular glueal okay, done to sprays four sprays, eight sprays, twelve sixty twenty. So this is the thing we have done. What we found out was four sprays at a time gave you the best cost benefit increase in your bloodstream of the glowth level that that taking more it doesn't justify double the cost. I'm the first one to tell you that. If you're probably the doctor tells you that you need a lot of glueth ion of the most of my products are recommended by physicians anyways, So we work with doctors all over the country. So they will come and tell me and say, hey, this person, this person, how much growth and how do I need? And so I do work with your physicians if they have any questions, and so those people will tell them that hey going to hide dose temporarily for maybe three months or four months. Once the symbols under control and they do a follow blood test or they do some ultrasounds and things like that to figure out and any issues they have, then they can go back to the regular dosages. But typically for sprays, which is which is the best cost benefit ratios you can ever have. So if you're doing it, I recommend for sprays. And if you want to do more, do more often, Do like every four hours instead of eight space once a day to four sprays twice. It will get you more benefit than eight sprays once a day. Okay, yeah, that makes sense. And as far as where you put it will have a systemic effect regardless will also have a more acute effect for that wherever you put it, like if I put on my face. Yes, so a lot of my my female clients they put apply on the face and they get too for it, right, They get a skin tightening effect immediately on the face and they also get the facial rejuvenation while they look at it is getting to the skin, so they get they get to for apply in the face. A lot of my athletes they also apply on the joints sometimes too, and uh, the planet joints, so the joint gets a little bit more attention at that time, and so it helps with that as well. But yeah, it doesn't matter what's part of the skin you applied to. And when people always say, oh, if you apply or the thin upper the skin, is it absorbs better or not. No, this is a This is a water soluble product. It doesn't use the lipidly under your skin to absorb this product at all. It uses the water channels of your skin to to do that part. So it doesn't matter thick skin, thin skin. It has to be skinned thought for you cannot be no skin. Anywhere you apply to your skin is gonna get absorbed through the water channels. Oh wow, so I could put it like on my feet. Yeah wow, I'm gonna put on my face. Let's see what that's like. That's exciting speaking of the face, because you have a whole chapter and section on the skin. Why is glutoth ione often thought of as whitening or brightening. Well, the thing is there's a mechanism of action for cloth and it affects the metal production and and and helps with and that the that's a far stretched one. That's why in the world there's a lot of people are injecting blue thown in the world, but not a single country, not even one, has approved glue tient for injections for skin lightning or brightening or whitening, because it really affects the metalin at those very very high dose at a very short amount of time. Right, So the low doors is if you applied what it really does, it helps cleans out your liver. Keep in mind, when you're high stressed, when you're when you're stressed was extremely high, your skin gets darker. And when the skin gets darker, if it's like really dark, that's what would you call it adds a disease, right, Because somebody has an insufficiency and Curtis levels are completely gone, and the skin is really really dark. It's really insufficiency, but more than just a general issues. The skin also gets darker when you when your liver is taxed, and the good that...

...has produced highest in the liver, because liver is the one it's the it's a detox house of of your whole body. So as soon as you give glut of ion, the liver gets more efficient and hopefully the skin gets lighter to your natural color. Now, if you're an African American, I cannot make a caucasion, There's no way, okay. Or if in the descent my skin is brown skin, I can't. I can't make it completely light go away. And if I do that, it requires a higher is the glow tide, and it's I'm playing with fire now, So it's not the healthiest way to do that. Part. The healthier DOW is is low dose. Whatever change you get it, it's it's what you're gonna get it. And if it's reducing melanin and having that effect, is that actually making your skin more susceptible to sun damage? It can, Yes, And that's why that's why, as I said, low dose is all you need. So when you give a two grams of IVY push versus my four sprints typically roughly about hunting hundred four milligrams only, you're getting twenty times more dosage in the IVY push. So that's the that's my beef. That's my beef. Right, why gives so much? And in the in the theory for the physician is that, hey, your bodies are observing anyway, so only for fifteen minutes. I would you give the biggest bank for the book for fifteen minutes, right, But it's still in and out, it's it's a lot. And so and people they take this ivy shots shots for skin lightning like once a week for months a right, and so that that to me is not right for long term. We want to do things for the right reason. If the skin is darker because of some you have tox in your liver, or because you're dual insufficiency, we can fix those parts, right with something else. We don't take blue that and for that one. But but but the flip side is that I also have a skin to her line. And the reason why we have a skin culine is because guess what, the same technology I can take all the antoxics in the world, shrunk them into the small balls, put them into one cream and give it to you. And so the skin condition doesn't like me right now. They don't because I don't believe in fine different products. I just want to give me one has everything. What about you talking the book about the s form of gluteo of ion glue of ion and so that's this is a citad form of glue thine. So what they have done is that since gluothine is is very hard to skip stable, then what they have done is they have combined them with a setle group to make it stable. Just because it's stable doesn't mean it's absorbed in your skin. And that's what the problem lies. Right Still, A glothin as a sittle gluethione is out in the market today, and the thing is it doesn't get absorbed to your skin. In fact, the glutal molecule is so large that it can never go through any parts of your skin. But so, but the s form you're saying it is just stable. It's stable inside the outside the body, so it doesn't get oxidized very fast. So chemically it's a great product because it looks good in the bottle, It looks clean, it looks looks white, and you know, it's like it's a good looking product, but it stays on the surface of your skin. It doesn't get into your skin. So what was the part about it possibly crossing the blood brain barrier when you take it orally, it's basically it's it's a stable form of glue iron, right, And what the again, we're assuming that it's crossing the blood bin barrier, but a still glue tan is not a glue ion. We still haven't figured out how does gluethan get clipped and a still group has been released and the gluton has been absorbed that we haven't figured out if that happens or how it happens if and how Okay, interesting, So we're just kind of guessing that it's working that form exactly and chemically stable product. Right. We take so much problem in you know, a body that we don't even know how how it performs. Right. I mean I also do a lot of hormone replacement therapy for out of my male male and female patients, like for female patients, all your homoes of producing your ovaries, right, But yet when you when you get a project, when you get an estrogen or progestion cream, where do you plan it on your wrist? Where over? Is it not on your wrist? How do you know that from your wrist? Is you gonna get to your breast tissue? Are you trying tissue or bury at your brain? How do we know that's happening? Is it because that's using the lipid channel and so we don't use your lipids as a passive diffusion, so we know it's diffused into your fat cells. And then how does is it going to the bloodst is it going... the limfety system? How is it gonna at joke all of the body? And if you're going through the wrist, If it's going through the wrist, how do I know that it's going to end up in the uterus or end up in the breast issue it needs to be at or end up in the brain where it needs to be frilli fast because I have have foggy memory, right and they need this hormust. Now, how do I know that it's getting there? And if you go up under the wrist, what are the chance of off of it going through the wrist has side effects versus applied through the ovaries. The distinguishing factor here with your version. Because it's using the water channel, it goes systemaic. But when it's the lipid channel, we don't know. It might just be staying right there. We don't know. We just don't not know. Wow, have they done studies on like putting the progesterone like as close to your overaras as you can and does it have a bigger effect? Yes, they do, That's what I'm saying that part, right, So when you apply as closed to always as possible as a medical community, we don't know. We don't know hardly that much. We think we know how we know that much, but we don't write. Just because you take an old pill doesn't mean it's going to get to the way it's supposed to get to. And if it gets to that place, how much is gonna get there? And where else is going to go that we're not supposed to go there? Right? If you have infection, Let's see, if you have a ut I infection and you take an old tablet, it's gonna go to the whole body and kill every bacteria, anyr bat and the bacteria in your unine track. Right, Why can we target these things. So for the hormones, they have the necessary for target. They have foun out that if you get close as close to the always as possible, there is less hormones required, better efficacy, and less side effects. Nobody's really talking about that. No, No, we can talk about that one too, because that's something else that I That's that's what I do full time for all my patients. I'm assuming you have patients using progesteron, do you have them put it closer to their ovaries? So I put them in the in in a labia or vaginal depends on the volume. If it's if the volume is too big, then it has to go internationally. If it's a volume is not that big, because we can make into small volume, then up under the inn labia just a drop of it, absorption is fantastic. That is as closed to or which as possible, the absorption is better and the results you can predict the results and that most of the doctors that I work with, they will do it before after the blood test and they can really get the results that what they're looking for instantaneously. Well, And would that be specific to the ovary situation or people who using progesterone for like sleep and things like that, that's capsule as usually because now for sleep you're looking to you're not looking for progester What you're looking for is them a tablets or progesteron, And yes, you can get them a tablets of progesteron through the topical channel and take a little bit longer if you take it. Orally it goes straight to the liver and breaks everything down the potestroone and makes a l a pregner alone which BIASO gamba receptors makes you falls asleep. So so yeah, that's a different again, using the same hormone differently because you're targeting different things. What about this apository mechanism or route for different things? Does it have a systemic effect? Yes? Or absolutely so. Any any because of membrane absorption has has an immediate systemic effect. And people will often say that coffee animals increase glue to iron production. Is there any science to that? Do you know? I have not tried that part I am. I'm not a big fan of animals because I've never tried one, and coffee I don't know yet. In the coffee animal world, they'll say that it increases clue to iron production. So I don't know, I have a better product that can raise a good stud Like it's like this, then why go through the hassle and an aggravation of doing something that is that will be affecting something else. I don't know yet if yeah, But the thing is all this, all this therapy exists. You know why because until now there was no good way or correct but to increase both that level has ever been discovered. Now that we have it, we can get it of all the myths of ways to improve glueth levels and just do it immediately and literally you can spread on and forty five minutes later, do a blood test, go to the doctor, do a blood test and see them before after results immediately. You don't have to you don't have to wait for weeks and months. You can do it today in forty five minutes. You mentioned doing a blood test doesn't matter. I mean, are there issues to testing, like not taking into account all the different forms of glod with ione and what can we actually learn from testing our levels? So so there's there's a normal range of glue with ion and so between five and two millimals per leader and so that's a normal...

...range, and most of the adults are in the in the lower fibers or below five hundred's And so the key is, too, can we get to nine and keep it that way for a longer pieod of time. It's not just one time deal, right, And so what what we do is we measure the glue town levels. And you can only do a spot check, right, you cannot. You you want to make sure that the glo levels is stable enough for for whatever you're to measure it, because if it's a short half life, then you want to measure it like when it's at the peak levels. So when we did our study, we we apply the glue that levels. We measured it every fifteen minutes for the first hour and then every hour after that until for six hours to see what the levels were. And and so that's how you found out that it stages in the body for at least six hours. The peak plasma level was at forty five minutes to an hour in between. And so when you when you take a life or some form of glue thigh on, the levels are not going to increasing nearly because the body has to break down as a new assets make this products back into the gluthown. It takes weeks, if not months, to increase in the glue town level when you need that today and now, Hi, friends, So what I'm about to say may include some disturbing content, so if young ones are listening, you may want to skip ahead. On Valentine's Day two, I experienced sexual battery by a man at a massage parlor. I felt so helpless and so scared while it was happening, and afterwards, I was really really scared to tell anybody. I'm so glad that my friends encouraged me to tell the police, and I'm so glad that the police believed me and that the man is now in jail. And ever since sharing my story, you guys have been so supportive. So many people have applauded me for telling the police, saying that something like that had happened to them too, and they never told anybody. I started looking into the statistics and they are pretty shocking. So sexual assaults are most likely the most prevalent crime in the US, and they are also the most underreported. Every sixty eight seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. So I was one of those every nine minutes that victim is a child. Meanwhile, only twenty five out of every one thousand perpetrators will end up in prison, and only five percent of sexual assault reports filed have ever been proven false. Two percent of all juvenile sexual assault victims are female. Of adult rape victims are female, And in two thousand nineteen, over six hundred and fifty two thousand, six hundred and seventy six women were raped and nearly one million women were victims of sexual assault. I believe this is a huge, huge problem happening in our society. It's one of the crimes where there's not usually evidence. It's not like a physical object was stolen or somebody outwardly injured or killed. It's basically your word against the perpetrator. And so it can be really, really scary to tell somebody and stand up for yourself. But I want to encourage you that we can change this, We can speak up. So if something happened to you, I encourage you, please please tell somebody. I promise you you're not crazy. The thing that really convinced me to go to the police was it wasn't so much about me, but about stopping this man from doing this to somebody else. If you feel like someone crossed the boundary, they probably did. People don't usually question things that are appropriate and normal. And as parents, I encourage you to have these conversations with your children in whatever time and way you feel comfortable. I think we can make change here. It's just about spreading awareness and taking a stand and speaking out. So thank you everybody so much for the support. I love you all. You are amazing, and let's change this. So like I always say, you got this, okay, back to the show, okay, And this is all in the book. Listeners, you've got to get the book to learn even more. But you talk about all of the health conditions that might relate to glue tothion levels. So you know, if listeners get your product and are using it, what should they expect to see? Like should they use it for very specific conditions? Just how can they monitor besides like you know, testing actual levels, Like what should they expect to experience? Absolutely, so, everybody's gonna be different, right, everybody. Everybody manifests oxo stress in some shape or form, And honestly, I do not know how they're going to feel. What I do know is that you give a shop for thirty days. It's a hunder money back guaranteem because I don't want to. I never want anybody's money for trying the project. And if it does not working for them, even if you use the full bottle, if you don't like it for smell or texture or whatever, you're not gonna buy it ever. Again, I don't want you to pay for it that battle either. And one thing that I do notice for people that come I get the most of it, they see an increasing energy in the first thirty days. That's that's like almost unanimous, is what I hear from everybody that they see an increasing energy. Other than that, everybody are going to get different results. Everybody is because a stress manifest a partinue human being in literally hundreds and hundreds of different ways. And...

...that was the reason why I put his book out, because I've tried on so many different things, and we have got so many different stories from physicians themselves, and we have interviewed all the physicians that we have worked with and to tell their stories because even they were skeptic. I said, I've lit literature that gl thine will help with producing a sludge in your in your blood. A said, well, doctor, you don't try it. I said, what, I got a whole bunch of patients with high priest rights, let me try it. It's a doctor did the trial themselves and they got the results they're looking for. And then so we interviewed the doctor and put their story inside. Because at the end of the day, gloth iron is in every cell in the body. It helps reduce oxer stress, it helps reduce the toxic overload. And how it helps you physically and mentally and chemically, I cannot tell you that part are and so you just have experienced that part. You just have to experience it. Okay, Well, it's just so interesting. Like I said, I was not using your glutoth ione. I read the book. I hadn't even tried it yet, and I was like, I've got to start using this. And now, even especially after this conversation, I'm pretty much sold. So I'm going to be using it for life. So listeners, I definitely recommend trying it, adding it to your routine. Like Dr Patel said, seeing how you react, but really nothing to lose. And I'm just so grateful to you that you're doing this, because I mean, this is such an important thing and like you said, nobody has done this before, So thank you. I mean, I'm glad to be alive now that this is available. So where can listeners get the book, get the glue tooth ione? Where can they go for that? Absolutely, so thank you for having me today. I had such a good pleasure talking about this thing because this is my passion and anything I can do to help my patients thrive, not just survive, thriving the life, that's that's what That's what I want to see. I want to I want to go something and people recognize me and said, hey, you know what, thanks for the glin thought on because now I can I can, I can enjoy my life and I can travel the world. So that's what I want to do. I want to do for everybody. They if they want more information, go to a website. It's Oral Wellness dot com. It's a U R O Wellness dot com. All the informations on their the product is on there. The books that can get the books of the favorite bookstore. Everybody has this book. They can buy the audiobook or kindle or hard copy. I'm old school. I love hard copy books only. I have the books on my website as well, so you can pick a book at any any of the bookstores you have online. Awesome. Well, the very last question that I ask every single guest on this show, and it's just because I realize more and more each day how important mindset is. So what is something that you're grateful for? So today? So I write my grateful every single day, So in today's I'm grateful that I am here today with you speaking and reaching the world. Awesome. Well, I love that so much. I as well. I'm so grateful to you, Dr Patel. Like I said, it's incredible that you're doing this, that you took it upon yourself to find a way to make this accessible to people. I just think it's so so important. Yeah, this is just amazing. So thank you so much for what you're doing. And I'm super excited to see the future of everything that you do. Absolutely, there's there's a lot more things we have to do in life, and I want to make sure that I can help people heal from within and not be stuck to some sort of medications for life. I love that. Well, thank you and fight on, fight on, Thank you, Thanks bye, Thank you so much for listening to the Melanie Avalon Bio Hacking Podcast. For more information, you can check out my book What When Wine, Lose Weight and Feel Great with Paleo style meals, Intermittent fasting and Wine, as well as my blog Melanie Avalon dot com. Feel free to contact me at podcast at Melanie Avalon dot com and always remember, you got this.

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